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813 & 15 are the 2018 MAX & MIN FTSE100 CEO Pay Ratios* * Ratio of the Annual Total CEO Compensation to the Annual Total Median Employee Compensation among 53 companies that disclosed the information
77% of the SBF120 family-controlled* companies have at least 1 voting Employee Representative on their Board 65% dans les entreprises non-familiales du SBF120 * according to criteria defined by IFA (Institut Français des Administrateurs)
97% of the HDAX companies have no Board committee in charge of CSR
20.6% is the Women Representation in the SBF 120 Executive Committees 25% of the SBF 120 Executive Committees have no more than 10% of Women
10% of the best 2018 compensated* SBF120 Boards were granted an average total amount of Director's fees 11 times higher than 10% of the least compensated Boards*
667k€ was the CAC40 Non-Executive Chair average total remuneration granted in 2018 +11% vs 2017
2% of the FTSE 100 Directors are French
28% of the E&B BIFS 200* Executive Committees have no woman member or have no disclosure
12% of the S&P 100 companies appointed a new CEO in 2019
Youngest & eldest Board Chair SBF 120
13% of the E&B Media & Advertising Boards have at least one director under 40
35 % of the Euro Stoxx Sustainability 40 constituents are French companies
76% of the E&B Banking* companies have no Board Committee in charge of CSR
96% of the E&B Financial Services* Companies have no Board Committee in charge of CSR
15% of the SBF120 Executive / Management Committees have no Woman member
60% of the Euro Stoxx 50 achieved the UN Global Compact Advanced level in 2019
22.5% of the CAC40 companies are on the CDP* A list
30.8% of the E&B Fashion&Luxury* companies have a Board Committee in charge of CSR
3 M€ was the 2018 average total Board Cost of the DAX 30 companies 1.2M€ for the CAC 40 companies
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