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1.35 M€ was the 2019 FTSE MIB CEO average Fixed Compensation
£1.6 M was the 2019 FTSE 100 CEO average Fixed Compensation, i.e. 1,2 M€
1.6 M€ was the 2019 DAX 30 CEO average Fixed Compensation
4% of the HDAX companies have a Board committee in charge of CSR and/or Sustainability
Max & Min SBF120 Director Theoretical Remuneration Gap of 30x for 100% Board meeting attendance
144 new appointments* to the SBF120 Boards during the 2020 AGM season, representing 10.6% of the total number of Directorships* in SBF120
14.2% the Employee Representation on the SBF120 Boards by end of 2020
22.3% is the Women Representation in the FTSE100 Executive Committees 24% of the FTSE100 Executive Committees have 10% or less Women
54.2% of the SBF120 companies published their Company Purpose in the 2019 Registration Document 
-7% decrease of the 2019 CAC40 CEO average annual Variable Compensation vs 2018
Aujourd'hui en kiosque et sur, retrouvez l'intégralité du classement et l'analyse des rémunérations des CEOs du CAC 40 en 2019
12 Canadian companies are included in the 2020 ranking of Corporate Knights' Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations
11% of S&P100 companies appointed a new CEO in the past 6 months
85% of CAC40 companies integrated specific Environmental and/or CSR objectives in their CEO's Annual Variable Compensation policy for 2020
19,1 is the 2019 MIN CAC40 CEO Pay Ratio* *Ratio of the Annual Total CEO Compensation to the Annual Total Median Employee Compensation
31% of STOXX 600 Europe Boards have a Risk Committee* * dedicated or combined
41% of the SBF120 Remuneration / Compensation Committees have at least 1 voting Employee or Employee Shareholders Representative member
41,92% is the lowest approval rate on a CEO compensation resolution during the 2020 AGM of SBF120 companies
34% of CAC40 companies which include CSR criteria in their CEO's compensation objectives integrate KPIs related to the health & safety of their employees
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