About Us

We are partners who are passionate about entrepreneurship, performance and data.

We come from various horizons such as HR consulting, corporate investment and company management.

Our diverse experience has led us to draw the conclusion that the investment community needs to add a non-financial decision making tool to their already existing array of mathematical / statistical criteria.

We are of those who believe that the right shareholders elect the right boards members who themselves find the right managers to rightly execute the company strategy, hence creating stable business models over the longer term.

At the cornerstone of that equation is THE element which is impossible to get round, we name the corporate governance.

It is a concept easy to understand, hard to define and even harder to implement: with the constantly increasing regulation, the good practice and the actual companies’ corporate behaviour, it is tricky to separate the wheat from the chaff.

We do not believe in ESG as that acronym is commonly brought forward today. We believe in GES, E and S being the natural consequence of a well implemented G, not the other way round.

That’s why we have decided to build and develop a fully independent observatory concerning Corporate Governance with which we track multiple criteria that we update on a daily basis for hundreds of European and US listed companies.

Ethics & Board is the must have tool to help listed issuers to benchmark through rankings their company performance against their board composition.

In the same time, Ethics & Boards is designed to allow any investor to start making governance conscious investment decisions.

We made it user friendly and accurate for your best convenience.

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