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Ethics & Boards is a trusted governance intelligence and advisory firm

We offer advanced benchmarking, scoring, and advisory capabilities in governance and board issues to a range of stakeholders, including corporates, funds, and stock market operators.

Our proprietary governance databank has made us a reference data and insights provider for a number of institutions. Founded in 2010, Ethics & Boards is born from a belief that effective governance unlocks value for all stakeholders.

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The regulatory and financial environment on the one hand, the image and reputational risks on the other, now require the Company, the Investor and the Stakeholders to move from a defensive approach to a strategically proactive one.

Sustainable Corporate Performance is based on the Governance of Climate and Environmental issues, of Social Responsibilities, of Extra-financial Risks and of Remuneration.

Ethics & Boards helps the Company and Investor to understand and use Sustainable Governance as a tool for diagnosis, analysis and management of its responsible commitment, its transformation and its performance.

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  • 12/03/24
    La France souffre toujours des inégalités de genre dans la création et la direction d’entreprise. L’ occasion de rappeler la nécessité de mieux valoriser les entrepreneures dans notre société, avec le concours des pouvoirs publics et par l’exemple des grandes entreprises médiatiques. Par Guillaume Cairou, président de la Chambre de commerce et d’industrie des Yvelines et du Club des Entrepreneurs.
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